Easy Decorating Tips for Your Home

Take any room from worn to WOW with Tom Sfisco’s Top 10 Tips:

toms tips

1. Don’t ignore your ceilings. White paint is not the only color out there!

2. Hang draperies and curtains high above the window and your room will appear taller.

3. Use outdoor Sunbrella fabrics for indoor upholstered furniture because it repels soil and stains. Now go ahead and do that white sofa!

4. Select your furnishings using the high-low method. Not everything has to be expensive. Invest in a good- quality sofa. Then you can add accessories that won’t break the bank.

5. Interior design is not about fashion trends. Good decorating will be timeless.

6. Keep clutter and piles of stuff down to a minimum. This is your year to organize and throw out!

7. Accessorizing a home is an art that demands a focal point. If you decorate with too many small items,  your room will feel unfocused.

8. Select family and friend photos that are most meaningful. Rather than scattering your favorite photos around the house, display them in well-planned areas in similar, coordinating frames for a pulled-together look.

9. New pillows, throw blankets and scented candles are a great way to give a family room or living room a fast, fresh makeover.

10. Dimmer switches on all permanent (ceiling and wall sconce) light fixtures creates calm and warmth. And try using sliding plug-in dimmers for table lamps for luxe ambiance.

As reported by NJ Monthly: http://njmonthly.com/articles/style-shopping/susan-on-style/easy-decorating-tip