If I Could Tell My Clients One Thing, What Would It Be?

As an Interior Designer with 30 years experience I have seen a lot.  There are so many reasons that the average person seeks out an interior designer.  Over my many years of designing, one situation seems to come up very often.  Many people purchase one item at a time wanting each one to be a statement, many people will bring an item home and find out that it just doesn’t work with what they already have.  They end up looking around a room and feel that nothing is working, it doesn’t feel “pulled together.”

If I had to tell my clients one thing it would be this.  See the room as a whole.  See the entire house as a complete design.  While one decision can start a domino effect, it is vital to not try to make every piece have too much importance.  Somewhere there must be quiet, something must be simple in order for the focal points to stand out.  There must be balance.

I spend a lot of time getting a sense of which items are the most important to the client, and start there.  Is there a beloved artwork or rug?  Is the focal point a fireplace or a great window? What feeling do they want to have?

Many clients decide to take some time to make their purchases so as to not be overwhelmed with costs.  Any design can continue to unfold with every choice. We can add to a design instead of having a piece fight for attention.  With a thought out design plan all pieces work in harmony rather than being singular decisions which end up not working.

Wishing you a life full of beauty.

Lisa Jensen Cozzolino

Interior Designer

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