peggy anastasiou

Peggy Anastasiou

Interior Designer


Phone: (908) 685 1921

Peggy has always had an interest in designing interior spaces.  This interest became a passion and she became a student and graduate of The New York School of Interior Design.  Her education helped her develop her keen eye for design.  After entering the design field as an Interior Designer, Peggy returned to the Isabella O’Neil Studio Workshop in New York City to develop her skills in color palette blending and painting actual furniture.  Peggy founded and operated a successful in-home Interior Design business for years, but wanted to expand her vendor base and open up more avenues of design and joined the DSOS team in 2016.  At DSOS Peggy has been able to get re-inspired by collaborating with our design team.

“My aim has always been to create a truly beautiful home for my clients to enjoy and live in.”
Peggy is known for her space allocation projects and really making rooms functional, as well as beautiful.  Her tastes run the spectrum.  From traditional to modern, mid-century to contemporary, Peggy is able to accommodate a client’s specific needs while enhancing her clients ideas with her own flair.

Peggy’s Top Design Tips:

  • Your home should tell YOUR story.
  • A design can only be successful if it is personal.
  • Do not be afraid of color.
  • Expensive doesn’t always imply that something is better.
  • Use as much natural light as possible in every room.
  • If you have something you really want to work in a room design, we make it work.